Successful start of the season in Gorla Minore (ita)

Nanu III'm Special H CH (7yo)
4th place 3* Grand Prix 1.50m2 clear rounds over 1.30m
10. Rank 4* Grand Prix 1.55m 
5th place LR 1.45m 


Reitstunde - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Rolex Grand Slam/CHI5* Geneva

From a Swiss perspective, the young riders made a strong statement.

None more so than Elin Ott with Nanu II.

As the sixth rider to take to the course, it was not until the penultimate jump that her first fault came.

With a 12th place finish at her first Grand Slam, she delivered the second best Swiss performance after Fuchs! “I am totally stunned. Riding into this arena is simply immense. Nanu gave everything once again and I’m extremely proud of our performance,” said the 22-year-old Zurich native.


Reitstunde - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Victory at the Ornago GP

Elin Ott won the EUR 26,000.– CSI2* Grand Prix in Ornago (ITA). The Zurich native and Nanu II were already in the lead after round one. In the second round, which 13 horse-and-rider combinations reached, she again delivered a quick clear round, securing victory. Almost a second separated her from Pius Schwizer and Bakatina de Beaufour, who took second place. Katharin Rhomberg (AUT) completed the podium with a third place finish.

Report by Pferdewoche

Reitstunde - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Double clear rounds at the Nations Cup at the CSIO3*-W Budapest

Elin Ott posted double clear rounds with Remix in the Nations Cup at the CSIO3* Budapest. With those two superb rounds, the Swiss team rode their way to 3rd

place on the podium.

Report by PferdeWoche:
The Nations Cup in the Hungarian capital was the semi-final of the EEF-Series.

The final will take place in Warsaw at the end of July. Elin Ott was the first Swiss rider to take to the course.

The 22-year-old Zurich native and the Danish Warmblood mare Remix delivered two absolute dream rounds.

Edouard Schmitz, who is just one year older than Elin, did the same.

The Genevan, in the saddle of the Hanoverian mare Balenciana, also delivered a flawless performance in both rides, posting double clear rounds. Aurelia Loser and the Zangersheide mare Molly Malone faulted in the first round at the water jump and, during the reprise, after a great first round, their final jump failed. The final rider, Romain Duguet – the absolute veteran of the team at 40 years of age – was unable to help the team. His Holsteiner Calder twice faulted at the water jump and the poles fell at both of the last obstacles in the first round.

Reitstunde - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Victory at the CSIO5* La Baule

Elin celebrated another victory with Nanu II at the CSIO5* in La Baule.

On Friday morning, the two of them rode the fastest clear round in the
1.45 m Longines Ranking competition against the clock.

She and Remix came in 4th and 9th.

place in the 1.50 m competitions.


Turnierpferde - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

First CSIO5* for Elin

Elin Ott competed in a 5-star CSIO5* in St. Gallen for the first time. She and Remix won the Longines Ranking show jumping competition in the jump-off. 13 horse-and-rider combinations took part in the jump-off.

Elin relegated the rest of the world’s elite to the lower places.

In the two-phase jumping competition over 1.45 m, Elin and Nanu II took

place, while at the Longines Ranking (World Cup) competition over 1.50 m they took 6th place.

In addition, at the CSIO St. Gallen show jumping competition, she and Remix took an excellent 9th


It was also a fantastic experience for Cabeau Z, who was able to compete with the best youngsters in St. Gallen.

They were able to qualify for the final of the 1.45 m competition with two superb qualification rounds.

Turnierpferde - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

GRAND PRIX victory for Remix and Elin

Elin Ott won the CSI2* Lamprechtshausen Grand Prix (AUT). The young Zurich native and Remix were victorious in the jump-off, which only six horse-and-rider combinations reached. Two seconds separated them from the Austrian rider Dieter Köfler and Farah Dibah. The German World Champion Simone Blum and Cool Hill took 3rd place in the 1.45 m main competition.


Elin and Denzel Quantum Leap took 8th

place in the EY Cup Final and shone in the opening competition, taking


Unato II CH also delivered a good performance in the Silver Tour and was placed.

Berittpferde - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Rookie of the year – Elin Ott

Usually, the Awards of the Year from the patrons’ association Swiss Team Trophy (STT) are presented this coming Saturday as part of the World Cup in Basel.

The following titles are awarded at this magnificent ceremony: Rider of the Year (most clear rounds at Nations Cups), Owner of the Year (most successful horse), Horse of the Year (jury’s pick), Rookie of the Year and Organizer of the Year (for a national tournament).

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are a bit different this time around.

The STT decided to only award two of the titles. Only the Organizer and Rookie were announced. The responsible figures at the STT and the VSCR (Association of Swiss Concours Riders) selected the most popular national large event of 2020. The event selected was Paul Freimüller’s competition in Humlikon in the canton of Zurich. The tournament was not able to take place at an international level last year, which is why it was a candidate for the title. Humlikon had already won the award in 2004.

The Chalet-à-Gobet show jumping competition came in second place, followed by the one in Galgenen.

Zurich native Elin Ott was appointed the Rookie of the Year.

In 2020, the 21-year-old became the Swiss Young Riders Champion for the second time, having first done so in 2018. In the same year, she progressed from the youth team to the elite one. The awards will be officially presented to the two winners at the start of June during the CSIO5* in St. Gallen.

Berittpferde - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Third place at the GP in Ranshofen for Elin Ott

Elin Ott took third place at the CSI2* Grand Prix in Ranshofen.

She and Remix had the third fastest time in the jump-off (1.45 m).

The whole weekend was very successful for Elin Ott.

She was placed ten times out of twelve competitions.

Congratulations on your fantastic performance!

Springreiten - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Elin Ott: Swiss Champion in the Young Riders category

On the first day in Chalet-â-Gobet, Elin Ott and Remix won the competition at the Swiss Young Riders Championship.

In the competition over 1.45 m on the second day, Elin and Remix came in 2nd place after riding a clear round.

The final, also announced as N145, took place on Sunday afternoon and was the final competition of the tournament. Elin became the Swiss Young Riders Champion for a 2nd time by completing a double round, therefore receiving a total of zero points in the last round.

Congratulations, Elin and Remix, on a superb performance!

Chalet-â-Gobet Ranking List

Report by PferdeWoche

Springreiten - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Wädenswil Competition 19.7.20

Congratulations, Elin Ott, on your superb performances at the show jumping competition in Wädenswil.


place with Denzel Quantum Leap in the N140
5th place with Unato II CH in the N140
5th place with Unato II CH in the N145

place in the N145 with Denzel Quantum Leap

Springreiten - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Säuliämtler Sports Awards 2019

Elin Ott once again qualified for the Säuliämtler Sports Awards.

Springreiten - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Young Riders European Show Jumping Championship in Zuidwolde (NED)

The Swiss team of young riders made it to the team final, which consisted of the best ten nations. Elin Ott and Nanu II contributed with a very good performance with zero faults.
Elin was the only Swiss rider to qualify for the individual final. She and Nanu II took a respectable
7th place in a very challenging final.


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Springreiten - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Zug Grand Prix 08.06.19

A high-quality field consisting of 50 horse-and-rider combinations participated in the Zug Grand Prix. Despite the challenging course, 17 horse-and-rider combinations rode clear rounds in the first round. In the jump-off, Elin Ott and Nanu went all-in, setting a very high standard with a time of 34.86 seconds.

By the end, nobody had been able to match her time. As a result, Elin Ott and Nanu won the Zug Grand Prix.

In the second N150/155 competition, Elin Ott and Nanu were again the fastest in the jump-off, but unfortunately she had a fault.

However, her overall finish was a very good 4th place.

Congratulations, Elin and Nanu, on this outstanding performance!

Photo: Luzerner Zeitung (Katja Stuppia)

Springreiten - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

Young Rider Grand Prix in OPGLABBEEK (BEL)

Elin Ott and Holsteiner mare Nanu II won the Young Rider Grand Prix over 1.45 m with a flawless ride and a best time of 38.78 seconds in the jump-off.

The Swiss team, under the leadership of team leader Christian Sottas, took second place – behind the home team by five points– with a total of 14 points.

The Swiss team was made up of Elin Ott and Nanu II, Alexandra Amar and Hallo C, Guillaume Gillioz and A l’Amour de Longpre and Edouard Schmitz with Balenciana K.

Elin won the silver medal at the Cavalor Prix over 1.35 m with Oklahoma van Waterschoot Z.

Congratulations on these superb results!

Report by Pferdewoche

Springreiten - Elin Ott - Mettmenstetten

2019 Gorla Minore Grand Prix (ITA)

Elin Ott and Nanu took an excellent 8th place in the three star Grand Prix over 1.50 m.

In the qualifier – a world ranking competition over 1.45 m – she took 13th place in a field of 100 riders.